کتاب Innovative Practices in Language Teacher Education
کتاب Innovative Practices in Language Teacher Education
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Innovative Practices in Language Teacher Education: Spanning the Spectrum from Intra- to Inter-personal Professional Development

This volume addresses innovations in language teacher education, offering a diversity of personal/psychological perspectives and topics in the theory and/or practice in language teacher education. The text deals with innovations in teaching for learning, teacher autonomy, dynamic self-reflection, peace education, professionalism, action research, socio-emotional intelligence, embodiment, professional development, NeuroELT, and more. Organized in three sections, the chapters inspire readers to reflect upon what it means to grow as a teacher as they navigate the intra- to inter-personal continuum. The editors draw the main themes together and discuss them in light of an innovations framework developed by Rogers (including relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, trialability and observability) in order to express, in concrete terms, the ways in which each idea can be considered innovative. Throughout the anthology, the reader will find specific, novel ways in which to work towards good practice in language teacher education.

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